The Digital Dashboard

The Digital Homestead project has developed and demonstrated a digital dashboard for farm management, it has received excellent feedback from industry and the research and development community. The dashboard is a web-browser based technology that aggregates data streams from the digital homestead project and integrates them with external data sources such as live market pricing and climate forecasts, see Figure 1.

Example screenshot from the Digital Dashboard

Figure 1 – Example screenshot from the Digital Dashboard

Using the dashboard, farm managers can see real-time statistics of their property and livestock ‘at a glance’, they can know where cattle are, explore trends in cattle weight, see how much water is in tanks and browse climate variables from on farm sensors.

It is a truly flexible system that has been created to allow for the addition of new data streams as they are developed and become commercially available. Setup is simple and follows a ‘drag and drop’ approach whereby users can select and display the data feeds they want.

In response to industry input, there is a strong emphasis on clean graphical presentation of information that is easily understood and translated into tangible management practices. The dashboard is the critical integrator and ‘backbone’ of the whole Digital Homestead value proposition, allowing any data to be captured and presented together in a user-friendly way.

Built into the system is a mechanism for SMS alerts set by user-definable thresholds, examples of alarm triggers include the loss of condition in a herd of cattle or a water tank that is getting too low.